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Product Name: Recombinant Covid-19-Spike-RBD Protein(Covid-19-S1-RBD)
Catalog #: L10H002
Synonyms: 2019-nCov-Spike-RBD,COVID-19-Spike-RBD,
Source: E. Coli      Species: Novel coronavirus pneumonia
Molecular weight: 26.5KD (with an 6*his tag at the C-terminus )
Purity : >95% by SDS-PAGE
Formulation : The Recombinant 2019-nCov-S-RBD is supplied in a 0.2um filtered
concentrated solution contains PBS (pH 7.4) .
Application: ELISA; Positive Control; Im munogen; WB;
Storage & Expiration: Upon receipt, aliquot and store at <-20℃ .for long term.
Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles.
DESCRIPTION: The recombinant 2019-nCoV Spike-RBD Protein consists of the
full-length protein 232 amino acids with a 6*his tag at the C-terminus and predicts a
molecular mass of 26.5 kDa.