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Currently, Linc-Bio is actively expanding overseas markets.

Established in 2008, Shanghai Linc-Bio Science Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic raw materials and diagnostic reagents: monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, extensive range of antigens, Elisa kits, POCT kits, nanometer microspheres, exsomes, etc.

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Antibodies OEM and Purification

Monoclonal, Polyclonal Antibodies Production;

Protein Affinity chromatography purification; IgG, IgA, IgM Purification

Period: 2~4 days

Protein Expression

Protein Expression in E.coli, pichia pastoris, Baculovirus, mammal expression system       Period: 2~4 weeks

Antibodies&Proteins Conjugation

Antibodies&Proteins Conjugation with HRP, Biotin, FITC, Nanofluorescense

Period: 2~4 days

R&D on Fluorescence Chromatography Cassette

R&D on Fluorescence Particles Chromatography Cassette        Period: 1~3 months


  • 10 years of R&D on Antigens and Antibodies production;
  • Diverse Antibodies OEM, pair; 
  • Sustainable supplier for IVD reagents; 
  • Core materials for IVD reagents with CLIA methodology; 
  • Excellent technical support.


Shanghai Linc-Bio Co. is a professional manufacturer working on R&D and production of antibodies&antigens for about ten years. Their items are of high purification, specificity&titer, and of great quality. Excellent technical support is available. We choose them as our long-period, sustainable supplier.

Mr. Chen
, IVD Company CEO